My 10 Favorite Things About Working at Home

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in coaching, leadership, life, Marriage, Parenting, Relationships | 0 comments

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Recently, I made the move from working at a large church to launching a life and leadership coaching business from my home.  I have found that coaching is a great way to use my gifts of encouragement to help others achieve their best.  I am loving it.  I am energized by every coaching conversation I have. One of the things I love about coaching is operating a business out of my home. Here are my favorite things about it (in no particular order):

1.  The 10 foot commute across the hall way from my bedroom to my office.

2.  Having breakfast and lunch with my boys every day.

3.  My officemate:









4. No feeling guilting about working late.

5.  Higher productivity and effectiveness.

6.  When I am tired of sitting at my desk, I can stretch out on the couch and still work from my laptop.

7.  When my brain is clouded I can clear it with a walk in the neighborhood with the dog.

8.  The coffee is always the way that I like it.

9. If there is a snowstorm, I don’t have to plow the driveway to get to work.

10. When I talk to myself, it’s only my family who thinks I am crazy.

Now, in a year, I might have a 10 least favorite things about working at home list…but I doubt it.

Thinking of making a career move?  Give me a shout.  I love to help people make those kinds of transitions.

The mission of Matthew Reed Coaching is “To make the world a more effective and God honoring place, through coaching.” I love to help people genuinely experience the life they have always wanted.


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