Spring Training=Hope

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In the last Presidential election, Barak Obama used the theme of ‘hope’ to propel himself to the White House.  I have come to find that you cannot draw hope from politics, no matter which side of the aisle you sit.  Ultimately for me, in a spiritual sense, hope comes from God.  In a temporal sense however, hope=spring training.

I am a complete baseball geek.  I’ve played baseball, fantasy baseball, baseball games on the computer and gaming systems, baseball card games and an indoor variation of the game a friend of mine and I invented when I was 9 called ‘knee-ball’ involving a half inflated balloon and a stuffed sock. Baseball, and a piece of my life starts all new every spring, and  Spring Training is the event that points to the fact that there is hope.

Every year, every major league team gathers for a few weeks in Florida or Arizona to shake off the bitterness of winter and prepare for the upcoming season.  Every year, every major league team believes that they, if things broke just right, could win their division.  The reality that what happened last year doesn’t really matter brings hope.  The fact that anyone can improve if they develop the right talent or skill brings hope.  The dream of all the amazing things that could be, like a championship, bring hope.

Every spring training, I am certain this year will be the year my team, The Cincinnati Reds, wins the World Series.  Most years wind up with disappointment, but a few times in my lifetime, hope gives birth to a great reality. This blog isn’t here for baseball…oh, that it were. It’s here to help us all find the best life possible.  I think that the best life has hope, hope that leads to an amazing reality  Spring Training is as good a picture as any that hope is real.

Big Question: What area of your life are you needing some increased hope? What are the things you are going to develop to make that hope a reality?

The mission of Matthew Reed Coaching is “To make the world a more effective and God honoring place, through coaching.” I love to help people genuinely experience the life they have always wanted.
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  • Becky Chamberlain

    I hope you saw the current movie MoneyBall
    Good movie! and it is about Baseball.
    Thanks for caring so much about people at a deep level.
    The Hope that is eternal, can spring up daily in our hearts.
    Blessings on your launch.

    • Matt

      Hey Becky Thanks! It is so great to hear from you!
      I LOVED MoneyBall. After reading the book, I had no idea how it would translate to the screen.
      God is the real, ultimate source of hope isn’t He?

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