Need Creativity? Here’s 29 Ways.

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Recently Doug Fields (@dougfields) tweeted the above video along with his three contributions over at his website.  The video was so good and inspiring that I had to re-post it here.  Props to To-Fu Design  for their great work on the video.

Here’s my top 5 from the video:

#2  Carry a Note Book everywhere.  I rarely go anywhere without it.

#8 Coffee.  Semi-serious here.  I love coffee, though sensing a caffeine addiction, I am only drinking de-caf these days.  There is something to having a cup of your favorite beverage on hand while working to spark creativity.

#15 Practice.  I am seeing this in my work as a coach.  The more comfortable I feel with the basic skill, the more free I feel to ask more ‘out there’ questions that often stir greater creativity and effectiveness in my clients.

#27 Clean your work space.  This is a personal one.  It’s not that my desk is super neat or anything, but the process of clearing everything off of it usually sparks something.

#29 Finish Something.  Want to feel free to create something new… finish something ‘old’.

(I also liked #’s 11, 16, 20, 22, and 25.  The others are pretty good too.  Have you even watched the video?)

Big Question: What of this 29 item list pushes your creative buttons?  What would you like to add?

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