No Health, No Growth

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I talk to business people, leaders of non-profit organizations and pastors on a daily basis.  Many of our conversations have to do with growth. The desire to grow their businesses, their ministries, their donor base, their personal wealth.  As a coach, people I see are looking for growth almost exclusively in their lives. There is some area, or some project that requires some sort of growth to become an asset, instead of a liability.  The need for vision and growth is important to churches, businesses and individuals.  There is an important pre-requisite to growth that is often ignored. That is health.

A pastor friend of mine always dreamed of building a large, powerful, important church. His motives were pure, for the glory of God and to reach people that were far from God. Due to a serious illness that literally laid him out for a season measured by years and not by weeks or months, he learned that God didn’t call him to grow a BIG church, but a HEALTHY church, because healthy things grow. And sure enough, health proceeded growth. As the church, and the leadership got healthier (spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically), growth took place.

Don’t assume if your organization is growing, or that if your family is ‘productive’ that it is healthy, remember cancerous cells grow too…rapidly.

I recently read Lance Witt’s book Replenish and in it he talks about the need for health over vision or growth.  Here’s his suggested 3 part strategy to pursue health.

  1. Realize. This is gut-wrenchingly honest evaluation of who you are as a person and the issues that are a threat to your soul.
  2. Repair. After you’ve done the really hard work of identifying the cracks in your foundation (or your business or church or family), you can take some steps to be able to in those cracks that have caused disease.
  3. Refill. Okay, the inventory is take, the work of repair is done.  Now it is time to pour good, healthful, powerful ‘stuff’ into your organization, your family and your life.  The cracks are gone, so it won’t leak out.

Coaches are tremendous resources for all theses stages of moving toward health.  A coach can help you with honest evaluation by seeing things with fresh eyes. A coach assists in repair by tapping on your strengths and resources that allow you to correct broken processes. A coach encourages you to refill your life with the things that bring the greatest good to you. This is the process my coach has helped me through over and over again.

Big Question: Where are you in Witt’s strategy? Realize, Repair or Refill?

The mission of Matthew Reed Coaching is “To make the world a more effective and God honoring place, through coaching.” I love to help people genuinely experience the life they have always wanted. I’d be thrilled to be able to share with you the power of coaching.”
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  • Heidi

    I like the cancer cell analogy. Likewise, it is sometimes
    necessary to use powerful chemotherapy or radiation to get rid of cancer. Not
    only does the treatment destroy the cancer, but in the process some of the
    healthy cells as well. It can be a painful process.

    I am also reminded as I look out at that barren waste
    land that I call my yard and garden, I see the potential for growth.  Will I be content to have it start out as
    small patches of healthy growth?  Or will
    I be all too impressed with just having anything “green” and let the weeds take


    • Matthew Reed

      getting healthy is never a GREAT deal of fun, the results are though.

  • Linda Yarbrough

    That was certainly powerful.  A bit dark .. but honest I suppose.  I suggest you increase the type size as your words are hard for me to read.  I don’t think I’m alone in that.

    I appreciate your writing and your thoughts as they are both strong and seem pure.  I can see that you can help a lot of people and I wish you only the best as you find your path.

    • Matthew Reed

      Thanks Linda for the encouragement (and the specific recommendation for site layout).  

  • Martha Giffen

    Such a thoughtful post! We forget that negativity spreads just as fast as positivity and even though we may not “look” sick, we just might be! Doing the work to make ourselves whole isn’t easy but always well worth it!

    • Matthew Reed

      Clearly!  Health (emotional, physical, mental) cannot be reached via short cut. 

  • Mandy Edwards

    Awesome post.  Everything is in God’s plan.  We may dream one thing but He dreams something else.

    • Matthew Reed

      And His dreams are way better too!

  • Claudia B.

    Great post!  Lots to think about in terms of family and business.  Thanks.  I will pass it along.

    • Matthew Reed

      Thanks Claudia.  both deserve your total health

  • Solvita

    Great article Matthew, Love the points you make and how much actually a coach can help to get through and let the healing happen. Thank you!

    • Matthew Reed

      helping people through to health is EXACTLY what I love to do as a coach.  Thanks for visiting the site

  • Designer Rob Russo

    I love Witt’s Realize / Repair / Refill strategy. And I could see why working with a great coach would help. Sometimes we too close to our life, projects or whatever it may be that we don’t see the cracks in our own foundation. Great post — thanks for sharing!

    • Matt

      Thanks Rob! Witt’s book is killer. Check it out if you get a chance, particularly potent for ministry leaders.

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