What I’ve Learned by BEING a Coach.

Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 in coaching, life, Life Coach | 2 comments

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If you read this blog regularly, you know that my own journey into coaching began by being coached myself. Obviously, the client in the coaching relationship learns a lot. For me, things like a greater awareness of others around me, the purpose of my life, and the things that mattered to me most were clarified through coaching.

It’s pretty amazing though, what is learned by BEING the coach.  As I have journeyed into coaching as a career, it is fascinating just how much the coaching process has brought me as I do the coaching. For instance, coaching has taught me…

… talking less is a good thing. Scripture has so much to say on the value of listening over talking, and as a coach, I have had the opportunity to see that born out. Seeing people lead themselves to the best conclusions and directions for their lives is so much better than me telling them how to get there.

… asking questions is better than giving my opinion. I have often said that “I have strong opinions on everything, but I don’t really care about most of them.” I have come to find out that asking about someone else’s opinion is a lot better, for me and for them, than spouting off my own (though I am still likely to share mine as well).

… the gift of encouragement is valuable. Lots of leadership materials and leaders emphasize boldness and/or influence as a pre-eminent gift/skill. Coaching has reminded me that there is incredible power in encouragement, an area of gifting I have that I had previously de-emphasized.

… when I am focused on others, I have greater clarity about myself. The process of investing into others helps me to see things in myself that make me grow.  When my clients take on new challenges, I am more likely to. When my clients address change issues, it is motivating to me at make changes!

… working at home is outstanding. 12 foot commute, surrounded by family.  It’s a pretty great way to work.

… being able to see people grow is SO deeply rewarding, powerful and what I want my life to be about! Being a coach has led me to this personal mission statement: ”To help all around me lead more effective, satisfying and God-honoring lives”

Big Question: What are the larger lessons that your current career field is teaching you?

The mission of Matthew Reed Coaching is “To make the world a more effective and God honoring place, through coaching.” I love to help people genuinely experience the life they have always wanted. I’d be thrilled to be able to share with you the power of coaching.”

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  • Claudia B.

    Great article Matthew.  Wish more teachers/therapists/counselors had a grasp of some of the things you’ve learned, especially the asking questions is better than giving my opinion part, and talking less is a good thing.  And I do agree, Working at home is Outstanding!!  :)

    • Matt

      I think REALLY enjoying where you are in life helps too. It’s hard to ask the ‘What am I learning?’ questions in the middle of a career that you don’t really like. I love coaching, so the lessons, even the painful ones, are rich!

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