What I’ve Learned About Marriage From My Wife

Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in God, life, Marriage | 2 comments

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Happy Anniversary Jaime! Eleven years ago tomorrow, Jaime and I were married! How blessed I am!

Honestly, a post dedicated to what my wife has taught me about marriage (and life for that matter) could sound like a ‘suck-up to my wife’ post. It isn’t (well, it isn’t JUST that)! I have an amazing wife (who is also an amazing photographer). Jaime is so encouraging and positive and is central to our family’s happiness. To use a baseball analogy, she’s our cleanup hitter. In our 11 years here’s (some of) what she’s taught me.

1. Believe the best about your partner… it’s probably true. There is no ‘sabotage’ or ‘ulterior motives’ in Jaime, and there shouldn’t be in me, or anyone.

2. Talk Less: Jaime’s quietness leaves more space for others.  I re-learn this everyday.

3. Be thorough: She’s my go to person for picking up the details of life. It comes easily for her. If you ever see errors on this website, it’s because I didn’t send it to her for proofreading before publishing.

4. See things through other’s eyes: When I go off on a rant because someone else has offended me, she has a great, non-nagging way of helping think of the other person.

5. Pray and believe: Our family has been blessed over and over again, because of her constant prayer and belief.

6. Patience and then some more patience.

7. Laugh at yourself (and everyone in the family): Often I hear Jaime laughing to herself and I’ll ask, “What’s so funny?” Her answer often is “Oh, it’s just me. I’m such a dork.”

This isn’t all the list. There’s dozens and dozens more. The bottom line is, our marriage isn’t perfect, but it is pretty darn good. I can’t imagine a better wife. I love you Jaime and I am so glad “we” have been “we” for 11 years!

The Big Question: What has your spouse taught you (be nice)?

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  • Abby

    Love it!! Happy Anniversary!!

  • Debbie Clary

    What a wonderful and inspiring tribute to your wonderful and inspiring wife.  

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